September 2000



Mr. Ramirez will present at the CARLOS GARCIA AUDITORIUM (from downtown take I-45 East on the Gulf Freeway, exit Woodridge), 7:00 p.m. on September 29, 2000. Mr. Ramirez has eloquently advocated for preserving our Mexican American heritage. He has received vast media coverage and has volunteered for many noble causes. He has been featured in People's Spanish Magazine and Edward James Olmos' book " Americanos".

For El Dia de los Muertos (the Catholic holiday All Souls Day) November 2, his store is adorned with 14 altars honoring the deceased, complete with calaveras de azucar, votive candles (to light the way for the souls), incense, yellow flowers called Xempoaltxochitl (similar to the African marigold) pan de muerto, the deceasedís favorite food and or favorite drink, their photo and favorite toys or items. It is an educational experience and cultural enrichment to learn from his exhibits how death is realistically accepted without fear. Join us for this culturally rich experience.

Famed Educator and Preservationist Alfonso Rincon will be the keynote speaker Sept. 29 at 7:00p.m.

Mr. Rincon was instrumental in organizing the Juan Seguin Memorial Week. He is a graduate of S. W. Texas State University and is currently the Executive Director of Center for Successful Fathering, Inc. in Austin, Texas. From '96-'98 he was employed with Grand Prairie I.S.D. as the Title I Parent Facilitator. He was also employed with Seguin I.S.D in '96 in the Technology and Mgmt. Information Systems. He served as a Board Member and later as a consultant from 1990-2000 for the Teatro de Artes de Juan Seguin, Seguin, Tx. He also served on the Seguin-Guadalupe County Public Library Board of Directors from '92-'96. Mr. Rincon has served as an education consultant to numerous agencies. He has been a member and past president of LULAC Council #682 in Seguin, Tx. He co founded, published and was the editor of the Casablanca Revue Monthly, from 1989-1994 in Seguin, Tx. Mr. Rincon has worked to promote the contributions of Hispanics and other ethnic minorities. Join us for this exciting speaker.

To fully appreciate the feats of Juan Seguin one must look into his family background. Juan Seguin was the son of Erasmo Seguin and Josefa Agustina Seguin de Becerra. His grandfather, Guilliame or Guillermo de Seguin came from Paris to Aguascalientes, Mexico and died in 1714.

Open Letter From the President

As we progress into the new millenium, we invite you to participate with us in preserving Tejano history. If you and I do not participate in this process, we stand a chance of losing some valuable opportunities to preserve & pass on this heritage to our children and their children. We need you to participate by paying your dues, coming to the meetings, or joining a committee. Please ask how you can help. On Oct. 28th at 10:00 a.m. will be the unveiling of the Juan Seguin equestrian statute in Seguin, Texas. Show your support. Make your presence known. For more information contact Albert Seguin Gonzales at aseguin2@aol.com or 409-948-4094 or 409-948-6696. Let us all work together in the accomplishment of preserving history and honoring our heroes. Together we can make it happen and witness history being reshaped and retold. Let's us never forget our past so that we can preserve it for the future generations.


Benny C. Martinez, President

A breakfast reception was held at Cesar Chavez High School on August 9th, 2000. There were several guest speakers Mrs. Olga Gallegos, Dr. Paige, and Honorable Senator Mario Gallegos, who reported that he had been honored with an invitation, by Vice President Al Gore to speak at the Democratic National Convention. Tours were given of the new high school and school board members, including Dr. Paige were present. TAHP members present were Genaro Flores, Linda and Angel Garcia, Linda Alonzo-Saenz, John Martinez of the U.S. Postal Service, and Lorenzo Ortiz, Postmaster.


Estella Zermeno of Goliad, Texas is organizing a Cabrera Reunion, on Saturday October 21, 2000 in Goliad, Texas and marker dedication honoring Macario Mancha Cabrera. Macario Cabrera served in the Civil War. His father Mariano Cabrera and his grandfather, Juan Manuel Cabrera rode with Juan Seguin in the fight for Texas Independence. The Voyage of the Original Cabreras, (one of the sixteen families that founded San Antonio de Bejar) Juan and Maria Cabrera of Lancerote, Canary Islands to San Antonio de Bejar in 1731 will also be presented. Please contact Estella Zermeno for more information at wzermeno@txcr.net or (361) 645-8526.

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas, San Jacinto Chapter will be conducting a live history reenactment on Oct 28, 2000 at 5:00 p.m. to honor Juan Seguin who was born on Oct 28, 1806. The Daughters of the Republic of Texas Log House Museum is located at 1510 N MacGregor Drive, (next to Ben Taub in the Medical Center). The Honorable State Representative Rick Noriega of District 145 has graciously accepted to play the role of Colonel Juan Seguin. For more information, contact Collin Keel, curator of the Log House Museum at (713) 522-0396.

Jacob Padilla, is working on a mural of Cesar Chavez located at the Bi-Rite Supermarket, 7200 Lyons in Denver Harbor. Jacob Padilla has been involved in the cleaning of graffiti in Denver Harbor and advocated for the renovation of Nieto Park. He has volunteered and worked tirelessly for the community. Carina Tristan is the lead artist of the mural and Consuelo Tristan dedicated a beautiful poem on the mural. Oscar Tristan is also assisting in the project. The Orange Show Foundation donated all the paint and materials in order to make this project a success. Jacob Padilla is the son of Joe and Teresa Padilla who have worked for years and made great strides to improve Denver Harbor and the community. TAHP salutes the Padilla Family.