T.A.H.P. MEETING FRIDAY, December 8, 2000 at 7:00 p.m. at the Teatro Bilingue 333 South Jensen (713-222-1233)

Ms. Bea Svambera's LaPorte Acting Ensemble will be presenting a dramatization of Juan Seguin, a Texas Hero. Ms. Svambera's Acting Ensemble recently presented this play for the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, San Jacinto Chapter for their first Juan Seguin Family Day, Oct. 28, 2000. Ms. Svambera has received various accolades nationwide for her work as an educator and we are honored to have her and her students present this play of a Texas Hero. Please join us for this memorable event. Refreshments and tamales will be served afterwards.

Juan Seguin fought for justice and freedom for all Texans. He was born on Oct. 28, 1806 and would be a hero before he was 30 yrs. old. He organized a company of Tejano volunteers and joined the Texas Army to fight Mexico. He was first appointed Capt. by Stephen F. Austin, Commander in Chief, and rose to the rank of Colonel in the Republic of Texas. Army. He was sent out of the Alamo to seek help from Colonel Fannin. He returned to the Alamo and gave the defenders a proper burial. He warned and defended Texas Citizens fleeing from the Mexican Army during the "Runaway Scrape" after the fall of the Alamo. He fought under General Sam Houston at the Battle of San Jacinto. He was appointed Commander of San Antonio and disobeyed a military order to destroy the city. He persuaded President Sam Houston to rescind the order and saved San Antonio. Juan Seguin served as Senator to the Congress of the Republic twice and was elected mayor of San Antonio in 1841. Andres Tijerina stated in "Tejanos & Texas Under the Mexican Flag," Seguin suffered as a result of ethnic prejudice. He fought for justice and freedom for all Texans. His loyalty to Texas never faltered. He declared at the beginning of the Texas Revolution, "Texas shall be free and independent, or we shall die in glorious combat."


Congratulations are extended to the Juan N. Seguin Memorial Board of Directors for their hard work in their realization of the Juan N. Seguin Equestrian Statue. It was unveiled Oct. 28, 2000 in the town square of Seguin, Texas. Various civic organizations such as the Canary Islanders Descendants Assoc., Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Sons of the Republic of Texas, The New Texas Army, Alamo Legacy & Mission Assoc. Inc., Alamo Silver Wings Air Borne Assoc., Tejano Assoc. for Historical Preservation and the San Antonio Bag Pipes and Drums participated. The Honorable Senator Judith Zaffirini presented a State of Texas Proclamation and Mayor Mark Stautzenberger presented a City of Seguin Proclamation. Dr. J. Frank de la Teja delivered an address "Juan Seguin A Man for All Texans" and sold copies of his book afterwards. Dr. Armando Alonzo was also present. Mariachi Michoacan and Ballet Folklorico De La Rosa also performed. Loretta M. Williams read her poem, "Casa Blanca" at the unveiling. Other TAHP members present at the unveiling were Benny C. Martinez, Mr. and Mrs. Genaro Flores, Dr. Emilio Sarabia and Mrs. Sarabia, Linda Alonzo Saenz, Linda and Angel Garcia, and Benito H. Lozano. Mr. and Mrs. William Zermeno, Judge Vargas and Mrs. Vargas of Goliad, Texas were also present.

THE LORENZO DE ZAVALA FLAG was presented to the Lorenzo De Zavala Elementary School. Mr. Al Vasquez and Mr. Benny C. Martinez made this possible by a donation. Past TAHP President, Dr. Emilio Sarabia and Mrs. Sarabia presented it to Minerva Perez, Principal, at the Principal's Honor Roll Awards Ceremony, Nov. 15, 2000. Dr. Sarabia also addressed the students regarding his families' educational achievements and his wife's influence on their children's education.

RESTORATIONISTS AT THE ALAMO, SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS have discovered 18th century frescoes on the walls of the Alamo. They were hidden under layers of grime and whitewash for more than 150 years. Work is now underway to preserve and restore the frescoes.

DOMINGO MARGUEZ, VETERAN ACTIVIST, SUBMITTED "A LIBERATION OF THE PHILIPPINES" ARTICLE to Hispanic Magazine he wrote, "having had the privilege of visiting the Philippines in Sept. 1995 and seeing for myself the aftermath of war, and especially the many white crosses in cemeteries bearing Hispanic names, inspired me to put into print for all, these heart rending words of a patriot that cares."

DORTHY M. OLMOS, CIVIC ACTIVIST and Daughter of A.B. Olmos is organizing an art exhibit called Art Expose 2000 East End Magnolia, sponsored by the Tejano Assoc. for Historical Preservation, Association for Hispanic Fine Arts, Theatre on Broadway, Laredo National Bank and Community State Bank, The Mexican Consulate, Black United Fund of Texas, and Mexican Cultural Institute in Houston are responsible for the photography exhibit called "Ebano." These exhibits will be held at Laredo National Bank on Harrisburg, Wednesday Dec. 13, 2000 at 6:00 p.m. - 10:00p.m. Artists included are Sidonie Olivares, painter, Ruben Longoria, sculptor and Nicolas Triedo, photographer. The Association for Hispanic Fine Arts and the Theatre on Broadway's Triumphant Endeavor Program are sponsoring the 2nd Annual Gala Banquet for Youth Program which will be held Dec. 17 at Laredo National Bank from 2:00p.m.-6:00p.m. In a future project for 2001, Ms. Olmos will be working with various EastEnd civic organizations on the dedication of a statute of Macario Garcia in Pineview Triangle Park off of Harrisburg.

A $300.00 scholarship was awarded to John Gomez who is majoring in Mexican American Studies at the University of Houston. John Gomez is employed with the Houston Public Library and volunteers at his church and is active in civic organizations. TAHP wishes him success in his studies.

The Portrait of Cesar Chavez Was Presented at the last HISD Board Meeting to Dr. Rod Paige and will be on loan at the Cesar Chavez High School. The Cesar Chavez Parade will be March 31, 2001 with the same parade route as last year.


Our sympathies are extended to the Cantu and Sarabia and Rivera family on their recent loss of their beloved relative Federico L. Cantu. He was born in Nava, Coahuila, Mexico on November 5, 1908 to Clara Lombrana and Modesto Cantu. He served in the Sociedad Mutualista Benito Juarez, Woodmen of the World and Club Familias unidas. He had two neighborhood stores, La Moderna and Magnolia Variety. His two daughters, Lilia Rivera and Oralia have continued in serving the community. TAHP extends condolences to the Cantus, Sarabias, and Rivera families.

TAHP submitted the names of Juan Seguin, Eloy Perez and Carlos Garcia to the HISD Board of Education for consideration in naming new schools. According to Esther Campos, board member district 7, the request was voted and approved; consequently, the names were added to the lists of names for further consideration.