Tejano Association for Historical Preservation

Lorenzo de Zavala Chapter

May Issue 2005


Post Office Box 231021     Houston, Texas 77223

TAHP will have a meeting on May 27, 2005 at 5:00 p.m. at the Latino Learning Center  3522 Polk, Houston., TX. 77003.  The topic will be the 7th annual Cesar Chavez Hispanic Pride Parade which will be held April 8. 2006 at 10:00 a.m. beginning at the corner of Cesar Chavez Blvd. and Capitol in Houston’s East End.  Speeches and festivities will follow at HidalgoPark

Mr. Jesus Medel once again brings very important and distinguished film makers and lecturers to his film festival.  One of which is Hector Galan, whose films have been shown on PBS and the History Channel.  This film festival has something for everyone to see and enjoy.  It will be held for the 2nd year at Houston Community College-SE location, on May 3-May 4, 2005 but it will be his 6th year at UH-Downtown on June 2-3, 2005.  This film festival will also be shown at Rice University on June 17-18, 2005.  Please support this historic and avant-garde film festival.

2nd Annual Cine Cuauhtemoc Pan American

Film Festival at Houston Community College-Southeast (2005)

Lecture Room, Angela Morales Building

May 3, Tue. and May 4, Wed. 2005  (A project of Museo Guadalupe Aztlan, Houston) Executive Producer:  Jesus “Moctezuma” Medel, M.Ed.

For more info. Contact him at 713-527-9010 or email  Chano6_@hotmail.com


Special Events

A Talk by Hector Galan, filmmaker, Austin , Texas on his recent work, I Love My Texas, I Love My Freedom. May 3, 2005 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

*LA David Art Exhibit and Talk: Visual Art from San Antonio , Texas May 4, 2005 11:45 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.

*Steve Melendez with the American Indian Genocide Museum (Houston ) comments on film “The Broken Treaty of Battle Mountain” May 4, 2005 4:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.

*Talk by Dr. Enrique Maestas, anthropologist, introducing the idea of Indigenismo as an alternative paradigm to Raza Identity.  May 4, 2005 12:45 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

In Memoriam

Idelfonso “Poncho” Ruiz c/s (Houston), Humanitarian and Civil Rights Activist

Committee members: Dr. Griselle Cano, Dr. Rey Caray, Victor Vega, M.S.,

 Steve and Cheryl Melendez, Prof. Joe Bayardo and George Alvarado.

Film Screenings

Chicano Civil Rights


9:30 A.M.-10:30 A.M.

Chicano! History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement (Chicano: La Historia del Movimiento Chicano de Derechos Civiles)

(Documentary, 30:00, USA, 1994: Episode 1: The Forgotten Americans)

Executive Producer: Jose Luis Ruiz, Series Producer: Hector Galan

Segment Producers: Robert Cozens, Hector Galan, Sylvia Morales, Mylene Moreno and Susan Rancho

Substandard housing among Chicanos along the U.S.-Mexican border creates a myriad of health problems for families, and this is the central theme of this episode. The irony is how can such conditions happen in the richest nation in the world?

Galan Production Inc.

5524 Bee Caves Rd.,  Austin ,  TX 78746       http://www.galaninc.com 

10:30 A.M.-11:30 P.M.

Chicano! History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement

(Chicano: La Historia del Movimiento Chicano de Derechos Civiles)

(Documentary, 30:00, USA,  1994: Episode 2: La Huelga/The Strike)

Executive Producer: Jose Luis Ruiz

Series Producer: Hector Galan

Segment Producers: Robert Cozens, Hector Galan, Sylvia Morales, Mylene Moreno and Susan Rancho

The Chicano political future begins to unfold in the  U.S.  , and several key players are in the forefront: Cesar Chavez, Reyes Lopez Tijerina, Jose Angel Gutierrez, and others. The fight to counteract pressing problems within this community emerges: Epidemic high school drop out statistics, mainstream political parties that have created non-significant power, and other issues.

Galan Production Inc. 5524 Bee Caves Rd.,  Austin ,  TX 78746      http://www.galaninc.com  


11:30 A.M.-12:00 P.M.

Tripa Love (Amor de Tripas)

(Documentary, 21:00,  USA , 2003)

Executive Producer: Ian Tyler Ibarra

With the advent of the Mad Cow disease, the  U.S.  government makes major changes in consumption of meat products, and beef tripe is such an item that is affected. This story takes the viewer to  San Antonio ,  Texas , where beef tripe, or tripas, has been a mainstay in the diet of Chicanos for decades. The community begins to organize to counteract these governmental actions.

Ian Tyler Ibarra 818  King Ave. San Antonio, TX 78211 phone # 210.927.7558


12:00 NOON-1:00 P.M.

SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Reception highlighting collaboration of Cine Cuauhtémoc Pan American Film Festival and Dr. Fena Garza, president, Houston Community College-Southeast. (Awards presentations and light reception will follow).


1:00-2:00 P.M.

The Death of Jose Campos Torres (La Muerte de Jose Campos Torres)

(Documentary, 60:00, USA, 1975) Producer: Carlos Calbillo (Houston )

Never before in the history of Houston , Texas had so much publicity been given to the infamous of the death of Jose Campos Torres, a Chicano ex-Marine Corps soldier who was allegedly killed illegally by Houston Police Department officers according to numerous documented sources. Mr. Calbillo gives rare footage of this notable incident and the mobilization of the Chicano-Latino Civil Rights Movement that counteracted this oppressive act.  

Carlos Calbillo, Talento Bilingue de Houston phone # 713. 222.1213


Native American Culture (Temas de Indigenas de Norte  America  )

2:00 P.M.-3:00 P.M.

Walela Live In Concert (Walela, Concierto En Vivo)

Executive Producer: Steven R. Heape

(Documentary, 60:15, USA, 2000)
an inspirational musical journey of the Spirit. Open your heart to the marvelous and magical harmony of this very special experience, a tribute to Native American culture.
Rich-Heape Films, Inc.

5952 Royal Lane, Ste. 254-4,  Dallas ,  TX 75230    www.richheape.com

Winner- 7th Annual Native American Music Awards

Benefiting the Sovereign Nations Preservation Project


3:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M.

Black Indians: An American Story

(Indios Afro-Americans: Una Historia de los Estados Unidos)

(Documentary, 60:15,  USA , 2000)
Narrated by: James Earl Jones,

Executive Producer:  Steven R. Heape, Director:  Chip Richie
“Black Indians: An American Story,” explores the issue of racial identity among Native and African Americans. This in-depth documentary examines the coalescence of these two groups in American history. Discounted, and often ignored by mainstream  America, these minority peoples have often shared a common past. However, with their heritage ignored and their contributions denied they are all but invisible at the dawn of the new millennium.
Voted the Best Native American Film 2001

Rich-Heape Films, Inc.

  5952 Royal Lane, Ste. 254-4 ,  Dallas ,  TX 75230    www.richheape.com


 6:00 P.M.-7:00 P.M.

I Love My Freedom I Love My  Texas  (Estimo Mi Libertad, Estimo Mi Estado)

(Performance documentary, 60:00,  USA  , 2003)

An electrifying performance documentary featuring Mingo Saldivar--one of conjunto's most admired and popular accordion masters. Mingo is known as "The Dancing Cowboy" for his unique stylized dancing moves as he pours his heart and soul into his exciting accordion style. Texas born and Texas bred, Mingo Sadivar, in a career spanning five decades, pays tribute in "I Love My Freedom, I Love My Texas," to the very land from which conjunto music was born.  Journey with Mingo in this rare behind the scenes look at his life on the road as he travels the honky tonks and dance halls across  Texas and the world. "I Love My Freedom, I Love My Texas " is produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker Hector Galan and is packed with incredible performances that truly capture the magic of Mingo Saldivar y Los Cuatro Espadas.  (I Love My Freedom I Love My Texas  - VHS - Home Video - $29.99 on sale after during and after screening)
Galan Production Inc.   5524 Bee Caves Rd. , Austin ,  TX 78746  www.galaninc.com  


7:00 p.m. –8:00 p.m.

SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Autograph session and talk by Mr. Hector Galan, filmmaker, on film I Love My Freedom I Love My Texas .


8:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M.

The Miners (Los Mineros)

Director: Hector Galan and Paul Espinosa

(Documentary, USA, 30:00, 1991)

The mining industry in the U.S. and the contributions of the Mexican immigrant reveals important historical facts, and Hector Galan has created a superb account for the field of education and migrant studies.

Galan Production Inc. 5524 Bee Caves Rd., Austin , TX 78746      www.galaninc.com


Wednesday, May 4th Screenings & Special Events

9:00 A.M.-10:15 A.M.

Frontierland (Los Campos)

(Documentary, 77:00, USA, 1995)

Executive Producer: Jesse Lerner and Ruben Ortiz-Torres

The title refers not to a location but rather to those spaces where cultures intertwine. As this film demonstrates, mestizaje is not so much a racial category as a state of mind, and this will develop in this work of film.

Awards: Jury Award: San Antonio CineFestival and Documentary Prize, Cineteca Uruguayana



10:20 A.M.-11:30 A.M.

The American Egypt (El Egipto Americano)

(Documentary, 70:00, USA, 1995)

Executive Producer: Jesse Lerner and Ruben Ortiz-Torres

The American Egypt revisits the first socialist government of the Americas , the Mexican Revolution on the Yucatan peninsula, 1915-24. Within the study of Mexico ’s past, the Yucatan merits consideration as a thing apart. 


11:45 A.M.-12:45 P.M. (Lecture Room, Angela Morales Building )

SPECIAL EVENT: Tour by artist LA David, visual artist from San Antonio , Texas on his exhibit


12:45 P.M. -1:30 P.M.

SPECIAL EVENT: We Are Indian and Mexicano, a talk by Dr. Enrique Maestas, representative of the Lipan Apache Band of Texas, on the subject of Indigenismo as an alternative way of thinking about our Raza Identity and Cultural Imagery                                       quetzalayotl@yahoo.com


Video Poems (Poemas En Video)

1:30 P.M.-3:00 P.M.

Julia Reflected In Me (Julia Todo En Mi)

(Documentary, 100:00, Puerto Rico , 2002)

Director: Ivonne Belen; Enrique Arroyo, Assistant director

This work offers a poetic journey through the life, body of work and humanitarian premises of Puerto Rican poet Julia de Burgos. Nobel prize winner Pablo Neruda once predicted she will become “One of the great poets of America.”

Paradiso Films


3:00 P.M.-3:15 P.M.

Through The Water (Sobre El Agua)

Producer: Tonantzin Canestaro Garcia

(Video poem, 15:00, USA , 2004)

Focused on the essential liquid of water, Tonantzin brings to view the identity of self and our relation to our surroundings. This is a must-see video poem that draws from the artist’s collective self.


3:15 P.M.-4:15 P.M.

The Broken Treaty of Battle Mountain (El Tratado No Cumplido de Battle Mountain)

(Documentary, 50:00, USA , 2000)

Director: Joel Freedman

The state of Nevada has been at odds with the Native American Nation with regards to their ancestral land reclamation efforts that have been met with violence and distrust. The question that the film poses is this: Why is Native American land in the state of Nevada not honored by the U.S. government?

Joel Freedman Ph: (203) 221-0613 / F:(203) 227-0840


4:15 P.M.-5:15 P.M.

SPECIAL EVENT: Commentaries by Mr. Steve Melendez, American Indian Genocide Museum ( Houston ), on film The Broken Treaty of Battle Mountain .


7:00 P.M.-7:30 P.M.

SPECIAL EVENT: Talk on History of Aztecs and The Language of the Aztecs (Nahuatlahtohli) by Jorge Julian, Nahuatl instructor, to be held at Museo Guadalupe Aztlan, 3004 Bagby, Houston , Texas 77006 .

(From HCC, take 45 north/Dallas, exit Houston Ave., make “u” turn and return on 45 going south, exit Bagby/Dallas, stay on Bagby to corner of Anita St. and Bagby St.)


7:30 P.M.-10:0 P.M.

SPECIAL EVENT: Food reception and Tianguiz a.k.a. Aztec Market sale at Museo Guadalupe Aztlan courtyard 3004 Bagby Houston , TX . 77006.


The film festival is made possible by the contributions and support from:  The Cultural Arts Council of Houston./Harris County, Texas, Commission for the Arts, Center for Mexican Am. Studies, Univ. of Hou. , LULAC Council #60, Simon’s Pharmacy, El Guero Check Cashing, and Rich-Heape Films, Inc.



On April 9, 2005 the 6th Annual Cesar Chavez Hispanic Pride Parade and Celebration was held.  LULAC Council 60 and their 70 years of advocating for Civil Rights were recognized.

The Parade Marshal was LULAC Council 60 and Honorary Parade Marshal was Dr. Abelardo Saavedra, Ph.D. Superintendent of Schools.  The welcome address was delivered by Linda Alonzo Saenz, President Tejano Association for Historical Preservation.  The Presentation of colors and posting of Colors was done by the Cesar Chavez High School ROTC.  Pledge of Allegiance and God Bless America sung by Ms. Azzie Watts, S.W. Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center.  The 21 Gun Salute was executed by the American Legion 472.

An Opening Prayer, The United Farm Workers Prayer by Cesar E. Chavez was read by IBEW Local Union 716, Representatives John E. Easton, Jr. Business Manager and Ron Gonyea. 

The United Farm Workers Prayer by Cesar E. Chavez

Show me the suffering of the most miserable, so I may know my people's plight. Free me to pray for others, for you are present in every person. Help me to take responsibility for my own life, so that I can be free at last. Grant me courage to serve others, for in service there is true life. Give me honesty and patience, so that I can work with other workers. Bring forth song and celebration, so that the Spirit will be alive among us. Let the Spirit flourish and grow, so that we will never tire of the struggle. Let us remember those who have died for justice, for they have given us life. Help us love even those who hate us, so we can change the world.

MOMENT OF SILENCE followed for the 15 workers killed in the BP Amoco Explosion, in Texas City , Texas Wednesday, March 23, 2005.  Representatives John E. Easton, Jr. Business Manager and Ron Gonyea read the names of those killed in the tragic accident.. 

Morris King, 52; Larry Linsenbardt, 58; Ryan Rodriguez, 28; Larry Thomas, 63; Susan Taylor, 33; Eugene White, 53; Kimberly Smith, 43; Daniel Hogan, 58; Rafael Herrera, 27; Glen Bolton, 50; Jimmy Hunnings, 58; Linda Rowe, 47; James Rowe, 48; Lorena Cruz, 32, and Art Ramos, 59.

The emcee was Domingo Marquez and special guests were:  Hon. Congressman Gene Green 29th Dist., Hon. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Dist. 18, Hon. Senator Mario Gallegos, Dist. 6, Hon. Sylvia Garcia, Commissioner Pct. 2, Councilmember Carol Alvarado, Dist. I, Councilmember Adrian Garcia, Dist. H, Councilmember M.J. Khan, Dist. F, Councilmember Gordon Quan at Large Position 2, Hon. Constable Victor Trevino Pct. 6, Past T.A.H.P. President Benny C. Martinez, Edgar L. Tucker, BA, MP, CHE Dir. Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, Jorge L. Lopez, Dir. VA Houston National Cemetery, Ex. V.P. LCLAA Guest Speaker, Jesse Fuentes, IBEW L.U. 716 John E. Easton, Jr. Business Manager and Ron Gonyea. 

President Linda Alonzo Saenz presented an award to LULAC# 60 and Charles Flores, President of LULAC # 60 in recognition of their 70 years of advocating for Civil Rights.  She also presented an Award to Dr. Abelardo Saavedra, HISD Superintendent of Schools in appreciation for his role and excellence in education.  The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Abelardo Saavedra.

Entertainment followed by Mariachi "Viajeros de Americas " accompanied by Miss Sonia Oritz, student of Stephen F. Austin High School .  Miss Ortiz will be opening for the Kumbia Kings on July 30, 2005 at Six Flags Astroworld Southern Star Amphitheatre.

Talento Bilingue de Houston Ballet Folklorico de Itzaes also performed.

The Tejano Association for Historical Preservation thanks everyone who made this parade and festivities possible.


The following information was supplied by Mr. Rudi R. Rodriguez of San Antonio , Texas whose great-great grand uncle was Jose Policarpio “Polly” Rodriguez.  Mr. Rodriguez recently exhibited artifacts at the DRT Museum in Austin , Texas last May, the Espirtu Santo Mission in Goliad and recently gave a lecture at St. Edward’s University in Austin , Texas .  He will soon be exhibiting at the Texas Folklife Festival, University of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio , Texas from 6/9/2005 -6/12/2005.  He will also be exhibiting on 10/28/2005 -10/30/2005 at the Texas Book Festival Capitol Grounds in Austin , TX .

A Tejano Son of Texas Traveling Exhibit Fact Sheet

By Rudi R. Rodriguez


                Texas Tejano is an emerging San Antonio, Texas-based research, publishing and communications firm. Our main mission is to bring awareness and education about Tejano pioneers from the early 1700s and late 1800s. By definition, Tejanos are the descendants of the first Spanish, Mexican and indigenous families of the Texas frontier. Tejanos had significant impact on Texas ranching, livestock, architecture, religion and government. Little has been written or commemorated about their accomplishments and contributions to the development of Texas and its history.

Therefore, Texas Tejano.com’s main goals are to produce publications, documentaries, plays, historical reenactments, and exhibits that celebrate and elevate the Tejano experience and legacy. The A Tejano Son of Texas Traveling Exhibit is a world-class display offered to schools, museums, libraries and historical entities.

The Exhibit presents legendary Tejano Jose Policarpio "Polly" Rodriguez's life, family and legacy. Additionally, for the first time, it provides viewers with a positive and accurate testimony of the contributions and accomplishments Tejanos made to the development of Texas . The presentation begins in 1821 in the State of Coahuila y Texas, Mexico and follows the family on the Camino Real (King’s Highway) to San Antonio , Texas . This material is followed by Polly's new life in San Antonio as a Gunsmith and Hunter on the frontier. Starting in 1845, Polly began joining most of the well-known surveyors in recording the “metes and bounds” of early Texas .

“In 1849, his Military Service began as a professional Guide for the U.S. Army in its exploration and survey of the roads and forts in  Texas. One of the most significant events he participated in was exploring and surveying a road from  San Antonio to  El Paso . During the Civil War, Polly elected to serve on the frontier with the first Texas Ranger companies in Bexar, Bandera and Medina Counties . During the Reconstruction government, he served as County Commissioner and Justice of the Peace of Bandera County. His story continues with his successful farming and ranching in Bandera ,  Texas. He created a community school for children to learn and constructed a chapel for people to worship in. His later years were spent in the service of the Methodist Ministry.”

The exhibit offers a reexamination of  Texas history and the role Texas Tejanos played in its vibrant past. This first ever exhibit provides everyone with a definitive record and example of the contributions made at the very important and pivotal moments in Texas and national history. We hope this exhibit brings great pride and understanding of the role our Tejano forefathers contributed to our  Texas past.

The "A Tejano Son of Texas " Traveling Exhibit is comprised of eight beautifully designed wooden, 36-inch-by-84-inch, freestanding panels inserted into a handsome wooden base. Each panel illustrates a part of  Texas history and his Polly’s life story. All panels will contain historical narrative complimented with original photos, documents, maps and other records to tell about his contributions and accomplishments. The panels can be arranged for small and large spaces.

In addition to the Exhibit, a unique, multimedia Power Point presentation and documentary is available. Also, we offer Tejano re-enactors dressed in period costume; and offer unique cultural and historical insight. Separate presentations for adults and children are available. A complimenting Tejano original artifacts display is also available. These include period clothing, ranching equipment, weapons, surveying equipment, original photos and documents.

We believe that there are many people who are interested in their ancestors. Many of them wish to examine their history and want to see for themselves the part their relatives played in the development of  Texas  Texas History can never be complete without the story of the Texas Tejanos being told!

Viva Tejano Texas ! 

For more information visit the website of www.texastejano.com or by calling (210) 673-3584.

Mr. Javier J.V. Villanueva is the CEO of Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame.  He has also been very instrumental in informing the public and media of our beloved Laura Canales who recently passed away on Saturday, April 16, 2005.  Tejano Association for Historical Preservation extends condolences to the family of La Reina Ms. Laura Canales, a Tejana legend who brought much happiness to her audience through the beauty of her music. 

The following historical info. criteria and policies are provided by Mr. Javier J.V. Villanueva.

The Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame is the official Hall of Fame for Tejano Music as designated by House Bill 1019 and signed into law by Governor Rick Perry of the Great State of Texas on May 3, 2001. The Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Museum is situated at 213 N. Wright Street in Alice , Texas, 78332 the Birthplace of Tejano.  For more information call 361-664-8000 or visit the website of http://www.tejanorootshalloffame.org/ or email  jv@tejanorootshalloffame.org


The following criteria must be met to qualify for consideration to be inducted into the Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame.  Nominees must have participated in any of the following categories:

A.) Singer, Composer, Arranger or Musician

B.) Broadcasting (Radio or TV Show Host)

C.) Recording Industry (Production, Management, Engineering, Promotions, etc.)

D.) Media (News Publications, Columnist, Magazines)

Nominees must have projected a positive image in promotion of the Tejano Musical Heritage.

Category (A) Nominees must have recorded, or had his/her musical material recorded for a Tejano Record Label or subsidiary of such.  Nominee must have performed or had his/her material performed for Tejano and other audiences alike.  Tejano Music must be the primary format or music style of the nominee.  Nominees may be an individual artist, duo, trio or a group.  Nominee must have contributed to the development and enhancement of The Tejano Musical Industry and Heritage.

The Board of Directors shall designate a screening committee for nominations to be submitted to The Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Board of Dir. for consideration.  Final selection into the Hall of Fame shall be by a majority vote of the Board of Dir. of Tejano R.O.O.T.S., Inc.  Decisions are final.  Nominations may be made by any individual or group and must be accompanied by supporting documentation.  Nominations must be delivered to the Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame Museum by mail or in person to 213 N. Wright St. Alice, TX., by no later than 5:00 pm May 1st of the year of induction.


Contact: Homero S. Vera  Museum Coordinator 361-294-5751





SATURDAY MAY 7, 2005 from 9:00 A.M. ---5:00 P.M.



Interpreting Living History Displays/Demonstrations


A musical duo presenting the history of South Texas conjunto music

The University of Texas at Brownsville History Department


Presenting a Historical Musical


The life and times of General Juan Nepumuceno Cortina


Vaqueros displaying and demonstrating leather crafts, horsehair braiding and camp cooking At the Kenedy Ranch Museum, Learn about the history of south Texas, the Kenedy Ranch and Family through The Murals of Daniel Lechon and the Sculptures of Kim Crowley

View “VAQUERO,” a video documentary on the life of the working cowboy

Special photographic exhibit by 4th, 5th, & 6th graders-- Sarita Elementary School

For those who were unable to attend the San Jacinto Symposium --- and it was great! --- You can order a DVD of any or all.   Cost, each DVD: Regular Price $20.00 San Jacinto Battleground Friends of the San Jacinto Battle Ground member: $17 * Please add $2.00 each for s/h.

Order by check made payable to SJBA and send it to:

Friends of the San Jacinto Battleground,  PO Box 940536,  Houston  TX 77094-7536 

2001: New Perspectives from the Mexican Side. * Miguel Soto, Professor of History, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico - The Mexican Retreat after San Jacinto - Military Concerns or Speculative Considerations?  * James E. Crisp, Associate Professor of History, North Carolina State University - When Did Mexico Loose Texas - The Quest for the Irreversible Moment. * Gregg Dimmick, member, Houston Archeological Society - Tracking the Mexican Army Through the Mar de Lodo. * Frank Thompson, Author, Comedy Writer, Film Maker & Historian -  Hollywood 's Portrayal of the Battle of San Jacinto .

2002: Personalities of San Jacinto . * Jim Haley, author & Dr. Stephen L. Hardin, Professor of History, The Victoria College - Sam Houston. * Dr. Josefina Vazques, Professor of History, El Colegio de Mexico - Santa Ana Anna. * Gerard Kendall, Sons of the Republic of Texas -  Sidney Sherman. * Dr. Jesús F. de laTeja, Professor of History, Southwest Texas State University - Juan Sequin and the Tejano Company. * J.P. Bryan, Past President, Texas State Historical Association - San Jacinto : Who Wears the Coat of Many Colors?

2003: San Jacinto: A Chapter in U.S. -  Mexico Relations. *  Dr. R. Bruce Winders, Historian and Curator of the Alamo - San Jacinto : The Turning Point of the Texas-Mexican War. * Dr. Jesús Velasco-Marquez, Professor of International Studies, Instituto Tecnologico Autonoma de Mexico - Texas : A Wedge Between Mexico and the United States , 1836-1845. * Mrs. Madge Thornall Roberts, Author and great-granddaughter of Sam Houston - Sam Houston's Road to San Jacinto. * Dr. Randolph (Mike) Campbell, Processor of History, University of North Texas - Slavery in the Texas Revolution.

2004: Digging for Texas History: New Insights Into the Battle of San Jacinto and Origins of the Texas Revolution. * Michael Strutt, Director of Cultural Resources, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department - Archeology at San Jacinto , and the Latest Findings. * Ted Hollingsworth, Senior Project Manager for Land Conservations, TPWL - Restoring the Environment of a Battle . * Gregg Cantrell, Ph.D., Professor of history, TCU - Anglo Texans and the Road to Revolution. * Andres Tijerina, Ph.D., Professor of History, Austin Community College - The Tejano Side of the Texas Revolution. * John Wheat, Center for American History, University of Texas & Jack Jackson, author, illustrator, and historian - Their Audacity Is Now Intolerable': Col. Juan N. Almonte and the Texas Revolution.

2005: (Available in July 2005) Fifth Annual Battle of San Jacinto Symposium.  * Jeffrey D. Dunn, Chairman, San Jacinto Historical Advisor Board - From the Brazos to the Battle : The Final Days of the San Jacinto Campaign. * Bill and Marjorie K. Walraven, Texas History journalists and authors - Bayonets on the Bayou? The United States Army and the Battle of San Jacinto .  * Anne E. Hodges and Brenda S. McClurkin - Documenting the  Texas Revolution: Resources in the University of Texas at  Arlington   Special Collections. * A.  Carolina Castillo Crimm, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, Sam Houston State University - Conflicting Loyalties: Tejanos as Rebels and Loyalists. * Edward L. Miller, Social Studies Curriculum Specialist, Judson Independent School District -  The San Jacinto-New  Orleans Connection: The New Orleans Greys, Tampico , and General  Cos' Saddle.

Membership in the Friends of the San Jacinto Battleground an opportunity to make a difference!  E-mail treviawbeverly@houston.rr.com and request a membership brochure if interested and add your name and address to the Symposium invitation mailing list.  Join the Friends by sending your dues with your check and take the discount off the DVDs --- Student/Senior (65+) $15.00 Individual $30.00 Family/Dual - $50.00

Patron - $100.00 Supporting - $250.00 Sponsor - $500.00 Benefactor - $1,000.00

Thank you for supporting the San Jacinto Battleground.

On Sunday, May 8, 2005 at 10:00 a.m at the Houston National Cemetery ( 10410 Veterans Memorial Dr ,  Houston ,  Texas 77038  (281) 447-8686) a Mother’s Day ceremony will be held for Gold Star mothers who have lost a son or daughter while in service to our nation in the Armed Services.  Blue Star mothers will also be honored.  Blue Star mothers are mothers who have or have had a son or daughter that has served or is currently serving in the military.  This event is sponsored by the DAV San Jacinto Chapter.  Please support this event.  For information please call 713-923-8636. 

On Memorial Day, May 30, 2005 the Houston Veteran Memorial Park Foundation invites the public to the City of Houston Veterans Park at 1986 E. Tidwell, Houston, Texas 77093 for a proper disposal ceremony of unserviceable American flags by American Legion Post 472.  The Veterans Park features a memorial to Houston-area veterans who gave their lives defending freedom.  Elected officials and dignitaries will be speaking.  Food and ice cream will be available.  Please support this event.  For information please call 713-923-8636.

For input regarding the Tejano Association for Historical Preservation newsletters contact Loretta Martinez Williams by email at  latejana@houston.rr.com