Tejano Association for Historical Preservation

Lorenzo de Zavala Chapter

February Issue 2006


Post Office Box 231021   Houston , Texas 77223

7th Annual Cesar E. Chavez Parade which will be held April 8, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. beginning at Cesar Chavez Blvd. and Capitol in Houston’s East End.

"In honor of Cesar E. Chavez and his struggle to improve the working and living conditions and rights for Migrant Farmworkers, this year's parade will be marched in the manner of his marches that took place when he was alive; therefore, no animals, floats or vehicles will be permitted.”  Strollers, wagons (pulled by adults), bicycles, scooters (non-motorized), skates, will be allowed and any other vehicles that are non motorized may be included.  For more information regarding the Cesar Chavez Parade please contact TAHP Special Projects, Linda Alonzo Saenz at 713-540-5449.  A Fiesta Dinner is planned at 6:30 p.m. for Feb. 24, 2006 at the Sociedad Mutualista Obrera Mexicana 5804 Canal Houston, Texas 77011 phone # 713- 926-2800.  Please join us as we will also be discussing the 7th Annual Cesar E. Chavez Parade which will be held April 8, 2006 at 10:00 a.m.   Cost of the dinner is $5.00 per person. 

            The dues of $25.00 and donations make the projects a reality of the Tejano Association for Historical Preservation.  Please contact Linda Alonzo Saenz at 713-540-5449 if you would like to purchase an ad for the Cesar E. Chavez parade brochure.  Tejano Association for Historical Preservation Boardmembers and advisors thank you for your support.


Loretta Martinez Williams, President

Richard Perez, 1st Vice President

Margarito C. Vasquez, 2nd Vice President

Linda Alonzo Saenz, Special Projects and Past President

Dr. Emilio Sarabia, Advisory Board Member

Benny C. Martinez, Advisory Board Member

Mr. Joe Granados, Advisory Board Member

Mr. Joel Lara, Advisory Board Member

For input regarding the Tejano Association for Historical Preservation newsletters contact Loretta Martinez Williams by email at latejana@houston.rr.com


The following information is the LULAC 60 Historical Marker Dedication Invitation which will be held on Sat. February 18, 2006 at 2:00 p.m.  The Program information from the ceremony which includes the Text of the Historical marker also follows.  All Tejano Association for Historical Preservation members and interested parties are invited to the dedication ceremony honoring Council 60’s historic contributions.

Celebrating over 70 Years of Serving the Community ~ Highlights of Council 60

·         Secured jobs in wartime industry;

·         Opened doors for Mexican Americans in Houston city’s police and fire departments;

·         Was involved with the American GI Forum in bringing cases before TX courts and the U.S. Supreme Court which resulted in anti-discriminatory decisions, school desegregation and jury selection;

·         Started the “Little School of the 400” a forerunner of Head Start;

·         Started “SER” which later became Operation SER/Jobs for Progress;

LULAC Council 60 was founded in 1934 to challenge racism, and inequities toward Texas’ Hispanic residents while promoting patriotism, education and equality.  Council 60 continues its work today and provides leadership at the local, state and national levels.





LULAC Council 60, The Harris County Historical Commission and

The Greater Houston Preservation Alliance cordially invite you to attend the

dedication service of an Official Texas State Historical Marker at:

3004 Bagby Houston , Texas 77006

Date: Saturday, February 18, 2006

Time: 2:00 p.m. Reception following

Keynote speaker and Honorary LULAC Council 60 Member:

Thomas H. Kreneck, Ph.D.

This event will also recognize the 76th Anniversary Of National LULAC Week

R.S.V.P. Co-Chairs
Loretta  Martinez Williams  V. Pres. LULAC 60 Charles Flores 
Phone:   713-673-1418   713-675-6968
latejana@houston.rr.com   charles_flores@yahoo.com



Frank C. Urteaga

Vice President

Charles Flores


Arturo Lopez

Treasurer March 2005 – Oct.  2005

Bertha L. Urteaga

Treasurer Oct. 2005  – March 2006

Mary Alvarez


Al Maldonado

Sergeant At Arms

Joel Lara

Sergeant At Arms

Ernest Garcia


Jesus Cantu Medel



Charles Flores


Frank C. Urteaga


Omar Enriquez


Bertha L. Urteaga


Jose Luis Jimenez


Teresa Saldierna


Monica Villalpando



John J. Herrera


Felix Tijerina


Alfred J. Hernandez




Mariano Hernandez


Toby Hernandez


Ruben Guerrero


Mariano Hernandez


Arnold Quintero


Ruben Guerrero


Macario Garcia


Ernest Eguia


Louis Adame


Felix De La Cerda


Ernest Eguia


Frank C. Urteaga


Felix De La Cerda


Tony Rico


Frank C. Urteaga


Juan Serrano


Raul C. Martinez


Frank C. Urteaga


Juan Serrano


Raul C. Martinez


Alfonso Maldonado


John J. Herrrera


Sam Alderete


Alfonso Maldonado


Jose Chavez


Tony Alvarez


Frank Huerta


J.B. Casas


Benny C. Martinez


Frank Huerta


Fernando Salas


Abraham Ramirez


Moses Sorolia


Dr. John J. Ruiz


Abraham Ramirez


Mitchell Contreras


Felix Tijerina


John Hughey


Mitchell Contreras


Alfred J. Hernandez


Bill Gutierrez


Mitchell Contreras


Benjamin Canales


Juan Ramirez


Charles Flores


Sam Alderete


Pablo Segura


Charles Flores


Richard Ante


Joe Torres


Alfred Martinez


Florencio Jasso


Angel Abitua


Juan Garcia


Leon Eguia


Ellis Barrera, Jr.


Juan Garcia


Gilbert Gomez


Ellis Barrera, Jr.


Juan Garcia


Gilbert Gomez


Macedonio Villegas “Lefty” Cavazos


Charles Flores


Felix Salazar


Macedonio Villegas “Lefty” Cavazos


Charles Flores


Sam Alderte


Joel Lara


Frank C. Urteaga


Lynn Montgomery


Louis Adame




Dedication Ceremony of an Official Texas Historical Marker ~ February 18, 2006

Recognizing the 76th Anniversary of National LULAC Week

Welcome:  Frank C. Urteaga, President LULAC Council 60


Posting of the Colors:  ROTC Color Guard Cesar Chavez High School HISD

National Anthem:  Jennifer Rios, Student of Cesar Chavez High School HISD

Invocation:  Jesus Cantu Medel, Chaplain LULAC Council 60


Greetings from Al Davis, Chairman Harris County Historical Commission


Greetings from Ramona Davis, Executive Director Greater Houston Preservation Alliance


Greetings from Hector Flores, LULAC National President


Greetings from Roger Rocha, LULAC Texas State Director


Keynote Speaker:  Thomas H. Kreneck, Ph.D. and Honorary Member LULAC Council 60


Unveiling of the Marker

Adjournment to Reception




            On February 17, 1929, Representatives from three organizations met in Corpus Christi to merge and form the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).  The new group sought to unify statewide efforts to challenge racism and inequities toward Texas ’ Hispanic residents, while also promoting patriotism, education and equality. 

            Although needing only ten members to charter a new council, more than 20 Houston men met in 1934 at a filling station and bookstore at 74th and Navigation to form LULAC Council 60, of Magnolia Park .  The group immediately set out to eradicate local prejudice and discrimination, and adopted the national organization’s primary goals:  improving education, employment and civil rights.  Many of their early efforts were combined with the Latin American Club of Harris County, with which they merged in 1939 to become simply LULAC Council 60 of Houston.  Local work included securing jobs for Mexican Americans in wartime industries, similar efforts later opened the door to Mexican Americans in the city’s police and fire departments.

            The initially all-male Council 60 organized the LULAC Women Council 22 in 1948 and the Junior LULAC Council in 1949.  Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, LULAC, at the state level was involved with the American G.I. Forum in bringing cases before Texas Courts, with one, Pete Hernandez V. State of Texas , going before the U.S. Supreme Court.  The cases resulted in anti-discriminatory decisions, including school desegregation and jury selection.  In 1955, LULAC 60 moved to a two store stucco clubhouse at 3004 Bagby.  From these headquarters, Council 60 began several important programs, including the “Little School of the 400,” considered to be a model for Project Head Start, and SER, which became Operation SER/Jobs for Progress.  The group continues to provide leadership for the national organization.  (2005)


On Nov. 30, 1934 the first officers elected of LULAC Council 60 were Mariano Hernandez, President, Expectación J. Garcia, Vice President, and Prudencio Gutierrez, Secretary.  Members were Isidro Garcia, Manuel Crespo, Juvencio Rodriguez, Felix H. Morales, Cris Hinojosa, Juan Serrano, Luis Hernandez, John Ruiz, Fernando Salas, Louis Tobias, Freddi Martinez, Felix De La Cerda, Elias Ramirez, John Duhig, Candelario Suarez, Br. Soto, Bruno R. Quiñónez, and Guadalupe Moreno.


Thanks are extended to Mr. and Mrs. Joel Lara and family for generously sponsoring the fee of the marker; to Mrs. Bertha L. Urteaga for generously sponsoring the fee of the foundation;

and to Mr. Roy Zermeno and Southwestern Bell for generously sponsoring the fee of the printing.



Canary Islands Descendants Association


On March 5, 2006 at 9:30 a.m. the 275th Anniversary Celebration will be held in Downtown San Antonio at the San Fernando Cathedral with an anniversary mass officiated by the Very Reverend David H. Garcia.  The Cathedral was built by the Canary Islanders and named to honor Ferdinand III, King of Spain who ruled in the 13th Century and was involved in the Crusades.  Pope John Paul II visited the San Fernando Cathedral on September 13, 1987, the first and only visit to Texas by a Pope.  The remains of the defenders of the Alamo are also entombed in the Cathedral in a marble sarcophagus.  The luncheon and reenactment with a complete reproduction of the 1731 happenings will follow the 10:00 a.m. mass at the SBC San Fernando Community Center located at 231 West Commerce, San Antonio, Texas.  Of special interest will be two mosaics that will be formed in colored sands along San Fernando Cathedral and flower petals will cover the front of the street of the Cathedral.  The Cathedral faces the main plaza, La Plaza de las Islas (the Plaza of the Islands ) named in honor of the Canary Islanders who founded the city.  Dr. Chiscanos’ Friends of the Canaries with city and county protocol personnel will be hosting Spanish and Mexican dignitaries from Wednesday through Sunday.  He will also be conducting tours of San Antonio , the missions, and also conducting a symposium on Saturday March 4, 2006 at UTSA with the dedicated assistance of Dr. Félix Almaráz .  The Friends of the Canaries is the support group of The Canary Islands Descendants Association of which membership is open to "Direct" descendants of the original families who came to San Antonio from the Canary Islands on March 9th, 1731. 

For further information please contact:  CIDA P.O. Box 6153

San Antonio , TX . 78209-0153

Or email Gene Chapa at genec@117swbell.net

On eleven o'clock on the morning of March 9th, 1731, sixteen families (56 people) from the Canary Islands arrived at the Presidio of San Antonio de Bejar in the Province of Texas . By royal decree of the King of Spain, they founded La Villa de San Fernando and established the first civil government in Texas . 

Numbered heads of Canary Islands families taken from the Quantitlan List,

November 8th, 1731, Mexico
First Family
Juan Leal Goraz, age 54. Son of Antonio and Maria Perez. From Lanzarote
Vicente Leal, age 18. Son of foregoing and Catherine Rodriguez, decd.
Bernardo Leal, age 13. Son of Juan Leal Goraz.
Second Family
Juan Curbelo, age 50. Son of Domingo Curbelo and Maria Martin Enriquez. From Lanzarote
Garcia Perdomo y Umpienes, age 46. Wife of Juan Curbelo, daughter of Marcos Perdomo y Umpienes and Maria Cabrera. From Lanzarote.
Joseph Curbelo, age 25. Son of Juan Curbelo. From Lanzarote.
Juan Francisco Curbelo, age 9. Son of Juan Curbelo. from Palma .
Maria Curbelo, age 13. Daughter of Juan Curbelo. From Lanzarote.
Third Family
Juan Leal Jr., age 30. Son of Juan Leal Goraz. Lanzarote.
Garcia de Acosta (Maria de Acosta), age 30. Wife of Juan Leal Jr. Teneriffe
Manuel Leal, age 12. Son of Maria and Juan Leal Jr. Lanzarote
Miguel Leal, age 10. Son of Maria and Juan Leal Jr. Fuerteventura
Domingo Leal, age 7. Son of Maria Juan Leal Jr. Palma
Pedro Leal, age 3 months. Son of Maria and Juan Leal Jr. Havana, Cuba
Maria Leal, age 6. daughter of Maria and Juan Leal Jr. Fuerteventura.
Fourth Family
Antonio Santos, age 50. Son of Simon and Anna Rodriguez. Lanzarote.
Isabel Rodriguez, age 34. Wife of Antonio Santos. Lanzarote.
Miguel Santos, age 17. Son of Antonio Santos. Lanzarote.
Catharina Santos, age 12. Daughter of Antonio Santos. Lanzarote.
Maria Santos, age 7. Daughter of Antonio Santos. Lanzarote.
Josepha Santos, age 2. Daughter of Antonio Santos. Lanzarote.
Fifth Family
Joseph Padron, age 22 Palma
Maria Francisca Sanabria, age 22. Wife of Joseph Padron, daughter of Luis Sanabria y Francisca Lagarda. Lanzarote
Sixth Family
Manuel de Niz (also identified as Manuel de Nistrosa), age 50. Son of Juan and Andrea Mireles. Grand Canary
Sebastiana de la Pena, age 42. Wife of Manuel de Niz., daughter of Domingo de Leon and Gregoria Suarez de la Pena.
Seventh Family
Vicente Alvarez Travieso, age 25. Son of Juan Alvarez Travieso and Catharina Cayetano. Tenerife .
Maria Ana Curbelo, age 18. Wife of Vicente Alvarez Travieso. Daughter of Juan Curbelo and Gracia (sic) Perdomo Umpienes. Lanzarote.
Eighth Family
Salvador Rodriguez, age 42. Son of Francisco Rodriguez and Isabel de los Reyes. Lanzarote.
Maria Perez Cabrera, age 42. Wife of Salvador Rodriguez, daughter of Domingo and Maria Perez. Lanzarote.
Patricio Rodriguez, age 15. Lanzarote.
Ninth Family
Francisco (de) Arocha, age 27. Son of Simon de Arocha and Angela Francisca. Palma .
Juana Curbelo, age 14. Wife of Francisco (de) Arocha, daughter of Juan Curbelo and Garcia Perdomo de Umpienes. Lanzarote.
Tenth Family
Antonio Rodriguez, age 18. Son of Juan and Maria del Carmen. Grand Canary
Josefa de Niz, age 19. Wife of Antonio Rodriguez, daughter of Manuel de Niz and Sabastiana de la Pena. Grand Canary .
Eleventh Family
Joseph Leal, age 22. Son of Juan Leal Goras and Louisa Hernandez. Lanzarote
Ana Santos, age 15. Wife of Joseph Leal, daughter of Antonio Santos and Isabel Rodriguez. Lanzarote                                                                                                                        Twelfth Family
Juan Delgado, age 19. Son of Luis Delgado and Maria Melean Lanzarote.                        Catharina Leal. 16 years old. Wife of Juan Delgado, daughter of Juan Leal and Lucia Hernandez. Lanzarote.
Thirteenth Family
Joseph Cabrera, age 15. Son of Manuel Cabrera and Maria Rodriguez. Lanzarote.
Marcos (de) Cabrera, age 6 Bother of Joseph Cabrera. Lanzarote.
Ana Cabrera, age 13. Sister of Joseph Cabrera. Lanzarote.
Fourteenth Family
Maria Rodriguez-Robiana de Bethencourt, age 27, Daughter of Manuel and Paula Umpienes. Lanzarote.
Pedro Rodriguez Granadillo. age 13. Son of Juan Rodriguez and Maria Rodriguez-Provayna. Lanzarote.
Manuel Francisco Rodriguez (Granadillo), age 3. Son of Juan Rodriguez and Maria Rodriguez-Provayna. Lanzarote.
Josefa Rodriguez Granadillo, age 10. Daughter of Juan Rodriguez and Maria Rodriguez-Provayna. Lanzarote.
Paula Rodriguez Granadillo, (also known as Pabla Rodriguez), age 10 Daughter of Juan Rodriguez and Maria Rodriguez-Provayna. Lanzarote.
Maria Rodriguez Granadillo, age 5. Daughter of Juan Rodriguez and Maria Rodriguez-Provayna. Lanzarote.
Juan de Acuna (Rodriguez Granadillo), age 1 month. Son on Juan Rodriguez and Maria Rodriguez-Provayna. Native of Cutitilan , Mexico .
Fifteenth Family
Mariana Meleano (also known as Maria Meleano), age 30. Daughter of Francisco and Ynes de Hoyos. Lanzarote.
Francisco Delgado age 16. Son of Lucas and Mariana Meleano.
Lanzarote. Domingo Delgado age 2. Son of Lucas and Mariana Meleano. Lanzarote.
Leonor Delgado age 4. Daughter of Lucas and Mariana Meleano. Lanzarote.
Sixteenth Family. Four single men.
Phelipe Perez age 20. Son of Domingo and Maria Granados. Tenerife .                             Joseph Antonio Perez age 19. Son of Domingo and Maria Granados. Tenerife .                       Martin Lorenzo de Armas, age 20. Son of Roque and Teresa de Aviles.   Canary Islands . Ignacio Lorenzo de Armas, age 22. Son of Roque and Teresa de Aviles.   Canary Islands .


Pictured above were presenters from the Los Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society in Canary Islander dress from St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana who presented at the Annual Canary Islands Descendants Association Anniversary Luncheon on March 9, 2002 held in San Antonio , TX .  They were very entertaining in their story telling and singing of decimas.  They joked that they spoke Spanish with a French twist.  This presentation was enjoyed by the audience.  The Los Islenos Museum , in St. Bernard Parrish , Louisiana which is run by the Los Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society, had the front of the museum torn off when an 80-foot-tall water oak crashed down on it during Hurricane Katrina.  The Islenos Society officials are rebuilding the museum.

Information obtained from:  http://www.rootsweb.com/~txbexar/canarydes.html   For more information about Canary Islanders Heritage Society in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana visit the website of:   http://www.canaryislanders.org/links.htm


            San Jacinto Day (April 21st) Commemorative Ceremony will begin at 11:00 a.m. on Fri. April 21, 2006.  The public is invited.  For additional information, call 713-468-6771.

            The Sixth Annual Battle of San Jacinto Symposium is scheduled for Saturday, April 22, 2006. Sponsored by the Friends of the San Jacinto Battleground, the event will be held at the Hilton Hotel & Conference Center on the University of Houston campus.

For information regarding registration, please visit the website at


            The San Jacinto Commemorative Festival and Battle Reenactment will be held on April 22, 2006 at the San Jacinto Battleground State Historical Park .  For more information, please visit the website of:  http://earlytexashistory.com/SanJacinto/


            Thanks are extended to Mr. David Pomeroy, historian, author and member of the Harris County Historical Commission who recently located a Texas State Historical Marker of Lorenzo de Zavala.  Also, thanks are extended to Mr. Paul Scott, historian and member of the Harris County Historical Commission who recently retrieved the Texas State Historical Marker of Lorenzo de Zavala and has secured it in safe storage. 

            Mr. David Pomeroy writes, “The 1936 Lorenzo de Zavala Centennial marker is located on the Cement company property at the end of de Zavala road.  It is damaged and needs to be repaired.  I do not think anyone has done anything about that, yet.  The second one, which is a THC 1968 aluminum cast marker, was the one that disappeared and was returned by the junk dealer.  Paul Scott has taken possession of it and that is the one I want to rededicate.  It is a 'directional' marker saying "three miles east" is the homesite.  There were multiple historical markers in the de Zavala cemetery.  In the 1970s they wanted to move the cemetery to the San Jacinto Battlegrounds, but did not find any remains.  They did however move all of the gravestones to the Battlefield and added an explanation THC pair of markers.  Unfortunately the metal plaque on the Castrillon boulder was missing so they did not realize that was a historical maker and thus did not move that marker.  I think a new THC marker would be appropriate for Castrillon.  But that's another project and I have a few ahead of it.  But I won't forget.”


Text from the Lorenzo de Zavala Marker which was dedicated in 1968 in Channelview, Harris County

(1789-1836) Three miles east is homesite and grave of a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence and first vice-president of the republic of Texas-- an illustrious statesman of two nations.  He was born in Mexico .  De Zavala, an ardent liberal and earnest advocate of democratic reforms served his native country as representative in the Spanish Cortes, Madrid ; minister of the treasury; president of Chamber of Deputies; governor of State of Mexico and ambassador to France .  De Zavala tired of Santa Anna's tyranny, resigned his ambassadorship and moved here in 1835.  When Mexican officials learned of his taking refuge in Texas and ordered his arrest, he became a strong leader in cause of Texas independence.  Voters in Harrisburg sent him in 1835 to the Consultation at San Felipe de Austin and later to the Independence Convention at Washington-on-the-Brazos. The de Zavala home, a plank-covered log house across from San Jacinto battleground, served as a hospital for both sides after the battle.  An observer on the scene described de Zavala as "the most interesting man in Texas "-- he was a leading author, learned publicist, philosopher, historian, economist and constant lover of liberty.


Please visit Mr. Pomeroy’s informative website of http://www.earlytexashistory.com/

or contact him at digger@earlytexashistory.com for more information regarding this important discovery of the whereabouts of the Lorenzo de Zavala Marker.


            On March 4-5, 2006 will be the “Remember the Alamo” Weekend at Alamo Plaza in San Antonio , Texas from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Saturday and noon – 5:00 p.m. Sunday.  Admission is free.  There will be educational programs, historical demonstrations, and interpretive reenactments of the men, women and children.  Included in the portrayals will be both sides of the Alamo battle.  Historical re-enactors will be preparing food, spinning, corn grinding, performing music and dancing.  The San Antonio Living History Association is the sponsor of the event and welcome participation from other re-enactors.  Please visit their website for more information of http://www.sanantoniolivinghistory.org/

            On March 5, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. there will be an Alamo Defenders Memorial Service on the Texas State Capitol grounds, Congress Ave. and 11th St. Austin , Texas .  The Memorial Service will honor the defenders of the Alamo .

            The Alamo Defenders Descendants Association will hold their annual Memorial Service at the Alamo, San Antonio , Texas on March 6, 2006 from 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.  For more information about the event contact the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas at 210-225-1391 or visit the website of the www.thealamo.org   Also, visit the website of the

Alamo Defenders Descendants Association to view the list of the defenders at  http://www.alamodescendants.org/Htm%20Pages/alamo_defenders.htm

            On March 6, 2006 a “Dawn at the Alamo Memorial” will be held from 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. at the Alamo Plaza in San Antonio , Texas .  There will be re-enactors representing both Mexico and the United States .  Thirteen candles are lit to symbolize the 13 – day siege.  Homage is paid to both sides of the Alamo conflict.  A historical narrative and eyewitness accounts will be read.  Prayers in Spanish and English and volley salutes will be followed by commemorative wreaths.  This event is sponsored by the San Antonio Living History Association and participation from other re-enactors and organizations are welcome.  Please contact Raymond Gardner, President by phone at 210 3101346 or email:  rgardnertx@sbcglobal.net

            The Fort Defiance Living History Program of the 21st Annual Goliad Reenactment of the Execution of Col. Fannin and his men will be held on March 25 – 26, 2006 from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. on Sat.  Candlelight tours will be held from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. on Sunday.  Following the reenactment there will be a pilgrimage and memorial service to the Fannin Memorial.  For more information call (361) 645-3752.


Condolences are extended to the family of recognized educator and historian Ms. Bea Svambera, T.A.H.P. member who passed away on 12/15/05.  She excelled as a teacher, was honored with numerous awards, and her classroom was showcased in the T.V. Program “Eyes of Texas.”  She started and sponsored the Junior La Porte Historians and they won many historical competitions.  She was generous with her support and brought history alive.  May she rest in peace.


“I am aware that in presenting myself as the advocate of the Indians and their rights,

I shall stand very much alone.”   Sam Houston