Cesar Chavez Parade & Celebration – 18th Annual

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and the Tejano Association for Historical Preservation that the advertisement attached is to be advertised in the Cesar Chavez Brochure.  The parade will be held on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. beginning at 601 N. Cesar Chavez Blvd. and ending at Hidalgo Park.

* In case of inclement weather or any other event in which parade will have to be cancelled, donation will not be refunded – Thank you for supporting the Tejano Association/Cesar Chavez Parade.


Checks should be made payable to (TAHP) and mailed to

P. O. Box 231021   Houston, Texas 77223-1021



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                                        For information please contact

   For Brochure - Loretta Martinez Williams   713-673-1418 or 281-772-5619

                For Parade - R. Linda Alonzo Saenz   713-540-5449

        Entertainment: Angie Martinez 832-867-1155


                www.tejanoahp.org    Lorenzo de Zavala Chapter    tejanoahp@gmail.com


            Celebrating  18th  Annual  Cesar  E.  Chavez  Parade  &  Celebration

                                               Saturday, March 25, 2017  10:00 a.m.


                                 Start 601 N. Cesar Chavez Blvd.   Ending – Hidalgo Park

R E G I S T R A T I O N      F O R M                  Registration Deadline     Friday, March 10, 2017

Schools:       ROTC ___BAND____DRILL TEAM____CHEERLEADERS____CLUB____



ENTRY DONATION – checks may be made payable to: Tejano Association for Historical Preservation   (TAHP) and  mailed to:P. O. Box 231021  Hou., Tx 77223-1021

(In case of inclement weather or any other event in which parade should have to be cancelled

donation will not be refunded-Thank you for supporting the Tejano Association/Chavez Parade)


Those participating in a vehicle are asked to provide a copy of liability insurance card as required

by the City of Houston.  Deadline for submitting this coverage to TAHP tejanoahp@gmail.com is

Friday, March 17, 2017.


**All vehicles must be decorated-As a safety precaution, throwing items from floats or cars is prohibited**Participants may walk along side of vehicles and hand items to spectators at curbside.


Corporation             $   500.00            Non-profit Organization    no donation

Single Proprietorship   100.00            Schools            no donation

Political Candidate and/or Office Holder  150.00    (Please do not use the words VOTE FOR,



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Parade Chair - R. Linda Alonzo Saenz  713-540-5449 FAX 713-450-7103

TAHP President - Loretta Martinez Williams 281-772-5619 or 713-673-1418

Entertainment – Angie Martinez  832-867-1155 – Cell or Fax-713-921-4313





www.tejanoahp.org         Lorenzo de Zavala Chapter       tejanoahp@gmail.com

P. O. Box 231021*Houston, Texas  77223-1021

Loretta Martinez Williams, President*Richard G. Perez, 1st Vice President

R. Linda Alonzo Saenz, Special Projects/Past President

Dr. Emilio Sarabia, Advisory Board Member*Benny C. Martinez, Advisory Board Member

Joel Lara, Advisory Board Member*Joe Granados, Advisory Board Member

David Williams, WebMaster*Rolando Romo, Founder


    The Tejano Association for Historical Preservation was formed in 1989 with the primary purpose of

identifying and preserving buildings and sites that have historical and/or archaeological significance to the

Hispanic, early Texas/French and native/indigenous cultures and promoting Tejano History.

    Guest lecturers speak on a variety of subjects.  Past guest speakers include:

Liliana Rodriguez, RM (AAM), Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, Roy P. Benavidez, Dr. Andres Tijerina,

Dr. Armando Alonzo, Dr. Guadalupe San Miguel, Dr. Thomas Kreneck, Dr. Steven Klineburg, Abel Rubio, Author.


Projects include:

    Obtained historical marker for Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church

    Supported naming of Elias Ramirez State Building

    Renamed 67th St. to Cesar Chavez Blvd.


Cesar E. Chavez Parade & Celebration along with FUNDAY™ in the Park at Hidalgo Park

    2000 – Recognizing War Heroes – Lucian Adams, WWII, Jose Lopez WWII,

                Richard Rocco, Vietnam, Clarence Sasser, Vietnam / Keynote Speaker, Andres Tijerina

    2001 – Honoring Tejano & American Heroes

Parade Marshal, Rocky Juarez, Olympic Medalist/Professional Boxer

    2002 -  Vaqueros, In memory of Rudy C. Vara

Keynote Speaker, Maria Elena Chavez/The Chavez Foundation

    2003 -    Recognizing the United States Postal Service/Commemorative postage

stamp  of Cesar E. Chavez, and American Hero/issued April 23, 2003

Parade Marshal, C. Michael Gaspard, Postmaster

    2004 -     Recognizing the Tejano Monument – a monument on state capitol grounds to

permanently  honor  the legacy of the early Spanish-Mexican Tejanos and its

impact on Texas culture.

    2005 -     Recognizing LULAC Council 60 – Seventy (70) years of advocating for civil rights

        Honorary Parade Marshal, Dr. Abelardo Saavedra/HISD Superintendent of Schools

    2006 -     Recognizing Unions – Parade Marshal, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

        IBEW – Local Union 716

    2007 -     Recognizing the Michael E. DeBakey V. A. Medical Center

        Parade Marshal, Carlos R. Escobar, Associate Director/V. A. Medical Center

    2008 -     Recognizing American G. I. Forum – Sixty (60) years of advocating for veteran’s rights

    2009 -     Recognizing LCLAA – Labor Council Latin American Advancement

          2010 -   Recognizing the upcoming dedication of Tejano Monument on capitol grounds

      2011 -   Recognizing Unions - Parade Marshal, Gene  Green, Congressman

      2012 -   In memory of Magarito Cano Vasquez, USMC, Gunnery Sgt.

    2013 -   In memory of State Senator Mario V. Gallegos, Jr. /  Tejano history supporter,

                          Cesar Chavez Parade Supporter since inception in 2000.

            2014 -   Recognizing posthumously Army veteran Ben Saenz, Lionel Castillo, first Latino elected

             to citywide office and recognizing Harris County Judge Ed Emmet

             Parade Marshal, State Representative Carol Alvarado

2015 -   Recognizing Humanitarian, Maria Jimenez

    Parade Marshal, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

2016 -   Recognizing Colonel Donnie P. Anderson, Colonel US Army, Retired

Parade Marshal, The Honorable Mayor Sylvester Turner

Donated portrait (on loan) by artist, Luis Fernando of Cesar E. Chavez to Chavez High School (HISD)


Donation to Colonel Juan N. Seguin Statue/Seguin, Texas


Participated in HISD School Naming Committee by submitting letters and history of Colonel Juan N. Seguin

and other notable Hispanics.


Redesignated 610 South Loop East to Colonel Juan N. Seguin Interchange and

redesignated State Park Road 1836 to Colonel Juan N. Seguin State Park Road.


Donated portrait (on loan) by artist, Luis Fernando of Colonel Juan N. Seguin to Seguin Elementary (HISD)


Scholarship in 2000 to student at University of Houston-Mexican American Studies Program


Hosted book signing reception at Felix Restaurant for Dr. Thomas Kreneck, author of Mexican American

Odyssey: Felix Tijerina, Entrepreneur and Civic Leader, 1905 – 1965.


Displayed historical artifacts at Julia Ideson Building – Central Library entitled

“Historical Caretakers – Houston Hispanic Historical Groups


Donation to Ripley House for purchase of commemorative brick for new building


Honored with the request to exhibit artifacts at Honorable Mayor Lee P. Brown’s Mayor Office

Library in October 2001.


Donation to The Tejano Statue, Capitol, Inc. – A projected monument on Capitol grounds commemorating

the contributions made by the Tejanos to the state of Texas.


Submitted names to Tejano R.O.O.T.S. (Tejano Hall of Fame in Alice, Texas)

Ventura Alonzo (Queen of the Accordion) Alonzo Y Sus Rancheros inducted August 3, 2002


Donated portrait by artist, Luis Fernando of Rudy C. Vara to Rudy C. Vara Building/Center for Technology (HISD)


Participated in 2nd day Stamp Ceremony, Cesar E. Chavez/United States Postal Service/May 9, 2003


Introduced Tejano Monument to Go Tejano Committee, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo™/November 2003

“El Vaquero” statuette now sits in HLSR™ Offices/Tejas Room/March 2004


Organized district wide donations to Tejano Monument, Inc. thru the Houston Independent School District

Students and teachers participated in this project from February – April 2004.


Made donation on April 20, 2004 of $14,053.20 to The Tejano Statue, Capitol, Inc. – a projected monument on

Capitol grounds commemorating the contributions made by the Tejanos to the state of Texas.


Patron Sponsorship of Battle of San Jacinto Symposium – 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006


MECA Day of the Dead Festival – “Honoring our Past, Celebrating our Future”/October – November 2005

Altar Display – Constable Raul C. Martinez, 3rd Place


Donated portrait by artist, Luis Fernando State Representative Joe E. Moreno to

Joe E. Moreno Elementary School/HISD, November 4, 2005


Participated in Career Day at Moreno Elementary/January 2006

Wrote text for LULAC 60 historical marker in Houston, Texas – LULAC Club House marker obtained and

dedicated February 18, 2006


Requested by Go Tejano Committee/HLSR™ to organize history of Committee/March 2006


Wrote text for Rafael Manchola historical marker dedicated in Goliad, Texas


Raised funds for Felix Tijerina historical marker and reception


Initiated paperwork request to relocate Lorenzo de Zavala historical marker to

Lorenzo de Zavala Elementary School (Houston Independent School District) dedication held

October 6, 2009


Requested by Magnolia Park Historical Preservation Association to assist in planning events for

re-dedication of Lorenzo de Zavala Historical Marker and Magnolia Park Centennial celebration

on National Night Out, October 6, 2009


Raised funds for Felix Tijerina historical marker and reception dedicated May 25, 2010.


Paid for repairs to the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Historical Marker, October 2014


Tejano Conference at University of Houston, February 2017



                                                        is a 50l C-3 Non-Profit