By Loretta Martinez Williams

He was but a mere nineteen,

Yet Vaqueros in his time grew up fast and keen.

He volunteered into a war, which split the states,

Served in Company C, a war of brotherly hate.

And God only knew what would befall his fate.

So he chose to serve his beloved Texas well,

And pledged his life until the last Confederate Flag fell.

He was a man of strength and pride,

And marrying Trinidad was the turning tide.

In their union they were blessed with love,

And Paula Lozano would be their only dove.

So for ten years they toiled and worked,

Until the seeds of hate reached the ends of their earth.

This thing called prejudice, greed, and hate,

Would bring the ultimate end to his fate.

Cowards lusting after the de la Garza lands,

Shot him in the back, with blood on their hands.

For over a year, they harassed and brought fear,

To his beloved Trinidad and his Paula dear.

In haste forced to flee from the de la Garza lands,

Bearing no more this was the last stand,

And thus brought the demise of the de la Garza clan.

And so once again we bid you adieu,

Yet this time your farewell is with dignity due.

Never more, Juan Elias will you have to fear,

And all your loved ones honor you here.

St. Peter is there standing at the gate,

"Come, Juan Elias, do not hesitate.

Come here, take my hand,

Now all of this is your land."

Juan Elias Lozano, May he forever rest in peace.